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أولا Refund refund.           Prepare to exit the buyer. . Special markets that cannot be shown according to seller policy.               It is considered a typical import in the case of graphs, and the quality of a typical import in the case of a study.In the event that any commodity is returned due to a “factory damage / defect / defect” upon sale, “Yamaniat” has the right to charge the “delivery and shipping” fees, back and forth, to the seller.             In the event that an item is returned because the buyer does not want it and requests its replacement, we will work to return and replace it using the “delivery / shipping” service and add new fees such as “delivery and shipping” back and forth on the buyer, administrative services, and according to the buyer protection policy.Goods or products of a “returnable category” are accepted by the buyer and must be thoroughly examined at the time of return and receipt, and the “seller” shall not subsequently claim any claim against “Yamaniat” or the “buyer”.               The return policy can be changed from time to time in line with any laws or regulations in force or at any appropriate time or agreement in the future, as required in the interest of all, and in proportion to the type of commodity.